Join the hundreds of people around the world who have already

changed their lives with this groundbreaking 9-week program!

Expect To...

Make Sense Of The People In your Life

After the 9 weeks, you'll understand human behaviour on a profound level most simply will never know. You'll know exactly why others act and say the things they do, preparing your calm and orderly responses.

Discover Your Triggers

Find out what triggers you and why they keep happening. Then how you can become triggerless, calm and wise.

Develop Clear & Effective Communication With Everyone

By understanding the 4 archetypes, you'll know exactly how to speak to everyone you come in contact with.. Eliminating disconnection, disagreements and misinterpretations!

Create Lasting Peace & Harmony

Significantly reduce frustration and breakdowns by becoming an agent of order. Watch as you effortlessly calm others down and your life settles into flow.

Mind Expanding Clarity

When you hear first hand how other archetypes see the world, you'll be picking up the pieces of your blown mind. Lightbulbs will go off as you know how specific loved ones act and how you can speak their language!

Restore Balance In Your Life & Relationships

This work allows you to firmly regain your centre so you won't follow others into breakdowns. They'll look to you as a calm and powerful peacemaker they can trust.

Intuitively Speaking Up Without Hurting Feelings

This is hard for us sheep... But this study group is about embodying our disowned parts. For some, that's assertiveness and boundaries when you need them. Plus, how to let go of what others think!


October 1st 2024

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What Our Participants Say


Minimising Disconnection

The great struggle we face in our lives lies in breakdowns and disconnections with the people we most care about.

The people who are the closest to us. Even though we know them better than anyone else, the way they act during a breakdown can be so frustrating.

But, gaining a deeper understanding of the triggers, wounds, reactions and primal patterns of your loved ones will result in FAR fewer breakdowns.

Imagine having the power to resolve breakdowns and restore connection intuitively.

Gaining A Deep Understanding Of Yourself

If you want to have rich, fulfilling and connected relationships, understanding how YOU deal with and react to disruptive circumstances is even MORE critical...

Combining the knowledge of your loved ones' tendencies as well as your own, will allow you to restore the balance of power.

You'll be the secret agent of change.

You will have clarity and a great understanding of the times you and your partner, friend, or child disconnected or had a breakdown. Preventing them in the future.

Reclaiming your Personal Power

At its core, this wisdom provides...

  • A clear path to reclaim your centre and always keep your composure

  • Retain your power and sense of self as you live your life day to day

  • A profound reconnection with the wisest, strongest version of yourself that will be here for good

  • The ability for you to see more clearly and understand everyone you meet

  • Empowerment to navigate your life and relationships with grace and composure

  • A significant reduction in confusion and disconnection within your life and relationships

If you are confused or frustrated with any meaningful relationship in your life, and would like to overcome this confusion and experience your full power...

This Revelation Program will do just that and SO MUCH more. This wisdom saved my life and it's helping hundreds of people around the world have flourishing relationships with themselves and their loved ones.

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On October 1st 2024, the next Revelation Program will begin!

Hundreds of people around the world have already changed their lives with this groundbreaking 9-week program.

Here's what is included...

  • Weekly calls with Rory and your Revelation Program

  • Weekly video lessons in manageable chapters

  • 60-120 minutes of video lessons per week

  • Printable workbook

  • Messaging groups for direct contact

  • Smaller pod groups to go through material and connect with other archetypes


What is the Revelation Program?

The Revelation Program is a profound inquiry into the archetypal dynamics of all human relationships and the role they play in the very fabric of our day to day experience.

What will I get from the Revelation Program?

A deeper understanding of yourself and all human beings, and how we consciously or unconsciously bring out the best, or the worst in the people we interact with.  

The Revelation Program also provides a clear and direct pathway to the reclamation of your personal power. 

This Revelation Program will dramatically improve your ability to relate to the people you know and care about in a way that will noticeably improve the quality of your life.

Who is the Revelation Program for?

Open minded, well-meaning people who want to do right by themselves and the people they love; people who are on their path and seeking best knowledge.

Who is the Revelation Program not suitable for?

Closed-minded, rigid-thinking people who benefit from and wish to maintain power imbalances in their lives. 

What does the price cover?

All 9 sections of content which represents Rory's 12 years of research into the field of power dynamics plus an interactive workbook to support your study. 

The Workbook is available in both Professional Print and Home Print (low ink) versions, in case you are unable to use a professional printer at this time.  

This is all kept in a secure online study platform for you to access at any time.

What value can I expect to get from completing this?

By completing this program you will be given profound knowledge that will empower you in every area of your life, romantically, socially and professionally. 

How will it improve the quality of my life?

You will experience a noticeable reduction in the length and intensity of disconnections with the people you love & care about. 

This Revelation Program will dramatically reduce breakdowns and confusion in your relationships. In addition, you will have access to your personal power in a way that simply makes life much easier, happier and more enjoyable. 

Put simply, you will experience less mystery in your relationships, fewer and shorter breakdowns, especially with your intimate partner, and greater success in all relationships. 

If you deal with human beings at work, this workshop will improve all your interactions with colleagues, clients and employees etc.

Why is it worth investing my time, energy and money?

The information presented in this Revelation Program is the result of tens of thousands of hours of dedicated research, which is proven to directly improve the quality of your life immediately. 

This information is practical, applicable and life changing.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes – if at any time during the Program you decide this isn’t for you, or you have not experienced the value you were expecting, you can email a member of the team and your entire ticket price will be refunded to you without delay.

How do I secure my place?

If you would like to take this breakthrough online Revelation Program, you have two options: 

1. Sign up by clicking on the link above. 

2. Schedule a call with a member of the team to discuss how you might benefit from the workshop.  

If you have any questions at all, please send an email to: [email protected]

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