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During this Masterclass you will discover...

What triggers you, why it does and exactly how others perceive you

Why relationships can lead to breakdowns creating tough and challenging situations

How to dramatically improve your relationships personally and professionally

How to significantly reduce disconnection, confusion and conflict

How to instantly understand every person you meet and never have to ask yourself, "What the hell are they thinking"? Ever again!


Why do some people turn into puzzles during a conflict?

Why sometimes your loved ones act in a way that doesn't make sense to you?

Or even, "What the hell is the matter with this person? What are they thinking?"

You will discover the answers to those questions and SO MUCH more in this Masterclass.

It's all about identifying your Archetype and beginning to understand the 3 others so you'll always know the best way to connect with people. To understand that it's not personal, it's just the way this person goes about things.

You see, these 4 Archetypes are the operating systems we as humans possess.

When we become aware of them, our entire life changes.

What Our Participants Say

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Who is Rory Kilmartin?

In the words of Dr. Kirk Parsley, MD

"Rory could be described in many ways, but in my mind, he is a thought-leader, an expert in his field and a genius. Rory would never call himself any of these things, which is why I asked to write this section.

Rory has made sense out of one of life’s great mystery’s and created a body of knowledge that very few people have even come close to understanding. He has discovered pieces of the puzzle and put them together in a way that instantly turns confusion into clarity.

Multiple displays of unkindness witnessed in his childhood confused Rory at an age when most children would have perceived the discord as normal. Rory set himself on a life-long journey to discover how and why this type of behaviour seemed so prevalent between people that love and care about each other.

After 30+ years of research into relationships, and the dynamics that govern how humans relate to one another, including conversations, interviews, coaching sessions, hundreds of books, and speaking to elders from cultures around the world, Rory has decoded the mystery.

Although he still considers himself a student first, Rory has dedicated his life to teaching people how to see more clearly, how to see the pieces we have been unable to put together in our own lives.

Over the past 17 years Rory has been designing and facilitating workshops around the world that reveal the findings of his research. He has forever changed the lives of thousands of people.

It is to all our good fortune that Rory is sharing the findings of his 12-year research project into Archetypal Relationships.

Having attended three of Rory’s events, I can assure you the claims I have made here will be true for you by the end of this workshop.

There is zero hyperbole in my description of Rory’s work.

If you attend this event, you will never be able to see the world of human relationships the way you did before, and you will forever benefit from the genius of this work."

Dr Kirk Parsley, MD

Former Navy SEAL

Author ‘Sleep to Win’

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